The organic production

Masseria San Paolo Grande / The organic production

The organic production

In the vast expanses that dominate the Mediterranean landscape the Masseria conducts a strictly organic production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, wines, cereals, cheeses, fruits, fresh and dried vegetable, jams, herbal teas, which follow the traditional seasonal production cycles, in total respect of Flora and Fauna biodiversity.


The Synergistic Gardens

Inside the farm you can admire the Experimental Synergic Gardens: a new way of conceiving the relationship between the farmer and his land, a new cultivation philosophy inspired by the natural principles of self-regeneration of the soil.
This system requires that the plants fertilize the soil by themselves: growing and living naturally in the soil and making it more “alive” thanks to their organic residues and to a whole series of bacteria, insects, mushrooms and earthworms that a healthy ecosystem recalls.