In every walk with nature,
one receives far more than he seeks..

Interno alla proprietà, sviluppato per una superficie totale di 24 ettari, vive il Bosco della Masseria. Un polmone verde vibrante totalmente incontaminato, che offre possibilità di completa immersione e distacco nella natura, mediante passeggiate e percorsi meditativi – per sperimentare direttamente il potere rigenerante dell’energia delle piante e della natura.

Masseria San Paolo Grande has always represented a cell of vital and strategic importance in the area, a significant being in the rural habitat. With its agricultural and livestock activities, the Masseria has managed to safeguard the natural environment, preserving the biodiversity of the territory and the landscape.

The multi-sensory path inside the forest aims to sensitize guests, teaching to recognize the different wild species of flora, classified in trees, herbaceous and shrubby - detecting their life strategies in relation to climatic conditions as well as their functions into the surrounding ecosystem

Man-plant: the wholesomeness energy

Among our ancestors in antiquity there were very deep cultural beliefs, according to which the gesture of touching trees was considered beneficial, useful to "recharge" our body and mind.

Today, many studies about the connection between human and nature confirm how breathing a pure and uncontaminated air and the direct contact with natural flora and fauna can energetically support a natural balance of our organism.

The natural flora manages to spread benefits through space, creating 'bioenergy areas' with biological characteristics that depend on the tree species as well as the different environmental parameters.

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