The special bond between culinary refinement and Apulian tradition takes place here. Sophisticated dishes and very fresh, tasty and genuine organic raw materials, which praise our traditional cuisine - all of them accompanied by our treasures: organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and organic wines produced with care and lots of love. 

Morning in Masseria starts from our synergistic gardens, with the collection of strictly season vegetables, fruit and aromatic herbs. The grains of flours give life to precious bread, focaccia and handmade pasta come from the arable land of the Masseria. Every day we bring to the kitchen the freshest seafood, as well as the organic meats of our animals, which live their entire lives free in nature. This is why our guests are aware of savouring recipes that are not only delicious and healthy, but above all conceived respecting seasonality.

Our highest commitment is aimed at transmitting the fundamental values in which we believe - purity and authenticity of ancient Apulian peasant lifestyle, simple and healthy, always careful to guard, listen and respect our most precious heritage, nature. 

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