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Masseria San Paolo Grande was born in ancient times in a vast peasant property and has always thrived on the precious fruits of its land, nestled in the pristine nature of the Itria Valley.

Dating back to the late 1400s, the Masseria San Paolo Grande has been dedicated to agricultural activities since the very beginning. It covers an area of over eighty hectares, with its large and picturesque valleys of olive groves and its generous arable fields.

Today, as in the past, everything is produced here.

Organic raw materials are grown in the property's vegetable gardens, flours are obtained from a patient cultivation of grains and cereals, oils and wines are the precious result of ceaseless agricultural labor in the property's olive groves and vineyards.

Once we enter the large entrance portal, a wonderful internal wooded path welcomes us. We cross it and let it accompany us for few kilometers, surrounded only by the purest green of the lush centuries-old vegetation. The forest cradles us and leads us to the first glimpse of the Masseria, elegant and sumptuous in its hazelnut-colored stone. The only audible sounds here are the chirping of birds amidst the gentle rustle of the wind.

Unexpectedly, we find ourselves in a realm of peaceful tranquility and gentle detachment from the frantic bustle of the outside world.


"I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want"

Andy Warhol.


In our gardens, organic vegetables and vegetables sprout and develop in harmony with nature.


Our treasures from the earth


Developed for a total area of 24 hectares internal to the property, lives and breathes the Masseria's Forest.