Vineyards and olive groves

We meticulously cultivate our land following the principles of organic farming, preserving the valuable biodiversity and native varieties that define our region. Part of our land comprises ancient olive groves and vineyards, while the remainder is allocated to arable farming, carefully rotated to accommodate cereals, grains, fruit trees, and almond trees.

At the local mill, with passion and dedication, we transform the fruits of our labor into exquisite certified organic products, showcasing the authentic essence of Puglia's distinctive flavors


Bathed in sunlight, our vineyards are strategically located in the most strategic areas of the Valle d’Itria and its surroundings. It is hard to find a better location for our grapes, which thrive in the warmth and the sea breeze, allowing them to develop their unique characteristics of aroma, intensity, and freshness. 

Our vineyards are located in the lands of Manduria, Ostuni, Grottaglie, distinct municipalities where varying geological conditions, from limestone-rich soils to clayey ones, intertwine in perfect harmony with the qualities and intricacies of our unmistakable wines: Fiano bianco, Primitivo rosé, Primitivo red reserve, and Susumaniello. 


About 30 hectares of the property are dedicated to olive groves. We favored local varieties: Cellina, Ogliarola, Simona, Picholine monocultivar and their blends.

We harvest our olives when they reach the perfect degree of ripeness, which, for us, coincides with the moment of 'invaiatura' - when the olives begin to transition from green to purple.

The milling process takes place in a continuous cold cycle, cold-pressing immediately after harvesting, keeping the different 'cultivar' varieties separate. This allows us to package precious single-varietal oils, renowned for their exceptional organoleptic and nutritional qualities, as well as an extremely pleasant taste. We believe these factors truly embody the essence of our land.

Our oils are stored in specific containers saturated with nitrogen and bottled only when ordering, to ensure maximum freshness and sensory qualities of the product.

Oils and wines of the Masseria reflect our ideological principles:we refrain from using synthetic pesticides or fertilizers on the plants. Instead, for crop protection against pests, we take preventive action by strengthening the plants with balanced organic fertilization and natural pest control elements. Our Extra Virgin olive oil comes from controlled cultivation, from its growth phase to extraction. This means that strenuous manual labor will be necessary, resulting in a lower quantity of olives compared to those achievable with a mechanical harvesting process. It's a compromise we embrace enthusiastically, as we are rewarded by the superior quality of the fruits we obtain.

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