I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want

Andy Warhol

A recipe is never just that synergy of aromas and flavours for us, that we create with love and care - each dish has its own story that begins a long time before, and always from the soil. That's why we strive every day to grow, harvest, compost and fertilise according to nature and contribute to a conscious food system.

Attention to the territory and respect for the environment are the inspiring values of our corporate mission. 

Eco-sustainability is pursued by using clean energy and getting rid of chemical products—a concept of sustainability that makes our guests feel part of conscious practices, at the heart of a project of thought innovation, respect for nature while saving energy.

In our synergistic gardens we only plant native herbaceous species. Ancient water reserves collect rainwater, reused in order to sustainably irrigate fields and gardens. 

We believe that each of these small actions significantly reduces water waste, a vital resource to be preserved, now more than ever. All services and activities at the Masseria adhere to this sustainable philosophy, with particular attention to the use of biodegradable products, glass, recycled paper, and waste separation. 


The future of food culture goes far beyond a concept of refined and thoughtful restaurant offer, it rather moves towards a fundamental awareness - everything we eat has a social and environmental impact.

We are fully aware of this here at Masseria San Paolo Grande. This is why we are so committed to producing everything in full respect of the land we live and the local communities we interact with. 

Our agritourism activity focuses on a small scale, adhering to a mindful and quality-oriented approach to agriculture. Our goal is not mass production; instead, we enthusiastically pursue the opportunity to serve our guests only fresh and organic products. We enjoy showing our customers how they can personally harvest fruits or Mediterranean spices at the Masseria, water plants, and get their hands in the soil - a practice that helps free the mind and soul. 


We only use renewable energy sources, while avoiding any chemical fertiliser or artificial additives for all our productions, we purify waters with the latest technology ozone treatments. 

For years, we have been working hard to reduce waste as much as possible. We are extremely concerned about the meticulous differentiation of all wastes, so much that for us it's essential to carefully separate, not only the main categories of waste, but also the different types of organic waste from the restaurant. 

This way, we proudly feed our animals with genuine foods. Vegetable leftovers for sheep and piglets, sugar and fruit for chickens; meat, fish and carbohydrates for our lovely dogs.

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